Francesco Negro, Giancarlo Simonacci Piano Works



Pianist Francesco Negro's recording Stidda di Luci is a truly singular project containing the piano works of the composer Giancarlo Simonacci from 1981 to date.
The work has a harmony, a timbre and dynamics that allow the perception of the distant stars through a constant emotional game swaying from the feeling of being rooted within the wood of the piano to flying languidly in the night sky.

I decided to give the book a sidereal and noble but nevertheless present graphic imprint. Hence the choice of a single colour, a nocturnal royal blue filled with white, or emptied out entirely as a negative, to narrate the purity of the musical journey.


The paper packaging retains a natural feel to the touch, connected with the most native, childish and sensitive element of the work.

I rewrote the score of the main theme assuming a lunar-type script,
where the notes apperar only as spheres.
Moreover, ties and slurs were replaced by straight lines. In this way, the whole theme seems to be composing a musical constellation.

Additionally, the box set also contains a gift: a small poster showing the theme and the original text of the song Stidda di Luci (Star of Light).

"E quannu nascisti tu, sanguzzu duci,
'mmenzu Palermu la festa si fici".

"And when you where born, my sweetheart,
throughout Palermo it was a celebration."

Here the link to the official website of the pianist Francesco Negro.

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