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I'm the founder of Freejungle, a disruptive branding agency.
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master's degree in design innovation


Tongji University, Shanghai

I lived in Shanghai for a year where I obtained a master’s degree in Design & Innovation. I chose China because I strongly believed that it was necessary to learn about oriental culture to complete my vision of design and of the world.

Living for a whole year in one of the busiest cities in the world in 2010 allowed me to understand the speed at which a business must go, and what really matters to moving forward. Shanghai has gone from being called the “whore of the east” to “the new New York” by the same expats who moved there from the USA post 9/11.

In China, not only did I achieve a second degree, but I also worked in the branding and interior design sector at a design studio working for international luxury brands and Chinese entrepreneurs. I added to my skills the understanding of time as a fundamental value in business, quality as an absolute distinctive element, and the ability to achieve a standing-out identity level as the only pursuable goal to survive in a highly competitive system.

Concurrently, my time in China has given me the ability to think exactly in the manner of those who, along with the Middle East, are at present the most important buyers in the world for Italian companies. As a result, my approach to marketing and communication is never Italian, but international.

master's degree in Product & Service System


Politecnico di Milano

The degree in Product System Design was fundamental both from the point of view of skills acquired, and from a cultural point of view.

In terms of skills, it prepared me for the revolution in the field of marketing owed to social networks. Products and services are not sold through traditional channels, but through a neuronal system of networks and channels that while communicating with each other, maintain their independence. I have therefore acquired the skills and mindset to constantly adapt to the advancing new and to incorporate it into the branding strategies for the companies I look after.

From a cultural point of view, however, being an international specialist degree course held exclusively in English attended by ten Italians and 120 foreigners from all over the world, it opened me to the most disparate ways of thinking and designing. I am versed in nearly all the cultures with which I deal daily on behalf of my clients, not only from a merely negotiating point of view but above all from a planning one.

bachelor's degree in product design


Politecnico di Milano

The degree in Product Design from the Politecnico di Milano opened me to the world of project management and to the work ethic typical of the Milanese society.

The Italian school of design is the only one in the world that effectively combines humanities with scientific studies. Thanks to this, I have developed a fundamental ability in branding and communication: knowing how to recognize a winning project or product from one that will not have the opportunity to establish itself as an identity.

Constant search for innovation, creative ability, and extreme practicality are the qualities that have marked me the most. One of my mantras in my work is to create for my clients something that borders on art but that faithfully follows business and market laws.

Eccellenze in Digitale


Google & Unioncamere

In 2013 Google in collaboration with Unioncamere launched in Italy the Distretti sul Web project, now Eccellenze in Digitale. The goal was to select the best talents in Italy in the field of online promotion to support companies in 20 districts of online promotion.
It was the first case in the world of a project of this type and I was the only one selected for Puglia out of more than 100 candidates. From there an extraordinary journey has begun that continues to date: the discovery of small companies that create the Italian excellence. What I love most about my job is supporting small, extraordinary companies in climbing international markets.
Prior to this project, I could not wait to leave for abroad, to leave Puglia. Since then, however, everything has changed.
However, more than having simply rooted me in Italy, this project has given me the knowledge of Google's procedures and mechanisms, together with an ability to understand the Italian institutional dynamics.
In my work, therefore, there is always a balance between the enterprising of ideas and institutional sobriety, if necessary.



Sport as a discipline

I have been surfing since 2019 in Salento, in my free time. I dreamed of doing it from an early age, when I would plant myself in front of the screen anytime they gave a movie in which someone jumped into a water tube.

Surfing is a unique sport, individual in the results obtained but collective when sharing them. At sea you are alone against the waves, the success of what you do depends only on yourself, but at the same time there is a very strict system of behavioural rules that must be respected in order not to damage the experience of others or worse yet, endanger your life and that of others. Carrying this awareness into my work has allowed me to manage the relationship with my colleagues and customers in a much more comprehensive, quick, and clear way.

Surfing does not depend entirely on you, but on the elements: not always are waves present. This fact activates the ability to develop alternative systems of growth and control that help you focus on the goal, while at the same time keeping you ready to act at the right moment. From this perspective, surfing has taught me a lot on a professional level. I changed my way of seeing marketing strategies timing, greatly improving effectiveness thanks to a better ability to divert investments towards that which is truly needed.



Conservatory of Music, guitar

From an early age I wanted to play the guitar. During middle school through to university I was able to realize this dream at a professional level, achieving the fifth year of the conservatory and recording an album with a Doors-inspired rock group that I founded with three friends at the age of 17.

University studies and work have taken me away from the music profession, but I continue to play with my group and to experience music every day.
Knowing this subject and having studied it to high levels has given me a degree of resilience in sacrifice (I practiced for about three hours a day), consistency in the application of rules and techniques, and above all the awareness that creativity is the result of constant exercise and never of an impromptu invention.
In addition to this, my technical skills allow me to work much better in the creation of digital content, especially in commercials or videos that I make for companies.

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