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Selection from 2013 to present day

I see design as an empirical subject matter that liberally allows to learn about and experience the world of arts and crafts.
Until now, I have had the pleasure of increasing my knowledge in the following business sectors:

- restaurants
- clubbing
- events
- hospitality
- Made in Italy fashion
- engineering
- music
- media and communication
- design
- online sales
- retail
- artisanry
- food products
- cosmetics and wellness.

The variety of sectors in which I have designed over the years has given me the opportunity to deepen the knowledge of the different reference markets and acquire a very wide horizontal experience both in branding and marketing.

Working daily with companies that export about 90% of their turnover abroad has also allowed me to develop an awareness of international tastes and trends, awareness that I transpose into my daily work with the various sectors.

Sista by Isabella Potì

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