ELATA 1923

Collaboration from 2017 to 2019

The professional relationship with Elata lasted two and a half years. Being able to work and learn from artisans who have been making elegant women's shoes for nearly a hundred years, providing them to the Italian royal family and to many Hollywood stars and Broadway shows was extraordinary.


When I was asked to redesign the brand, I couldn't help but to start from the dreamlike sensations that cinema gives us all. Brand communication lacked that poetry, that graceful glide that cinema has as also do the Elata shoes, an extreme lightness and comfort without ever compromising elegance and style.

The presentation of the new line of the brand to the public was a very delicate operation. Previously the guidelines were black with a white logo therefore, lacking alignment with product identity and as such, were not recognizable nor memorable on the shop shelves or even at home in a closet.

Packaging was the crucial element for increased visibility within the points of sale.
The bag accompanying the box has a light blue background with an imprinted sky, and the logo in glossy metal orange, filling the delicacy of the background with a strong personality. I was imagining a woman shopping in Beverly Hills, elegantly walking with a piece of sky and a golden sun reflection next to her body.

Photo Shoot collection
Spring Summer 2018

Photo Shoot Collection
Fall Winter 2018.2019

Photo Shoot Collection
Spring Summer 2019

During the collaboration, the new positioning of the online brand was completed, including the creation of the new website and social media marketing campaigns.

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