Metaprogetto is the research sector of the Bros' project by Floriano Pellegrino and Isabella Potì.
The uniqueness of the project lies in the fact that it has been structured similarly to a university metaproject department, hence its name.
Indeed, within the department we work at primary research level in a comprehensive and interdisciplinary way in order to define the concepts that will then be developed within the company's brands:
Roots Trattoria
Bros' Apparel
Bros' Universe

Thus, to carry out the project I have defined a brand that could be a digital media that spreads culture and at the same time, a coolhunting and design studio.
Hence the design of crystals-shaped letter modules of a hypothetical puzzle that do not always fit together, much like the divergent thoughts that a project should generate.

The catchphrase STARVING FOR THE FUTURE specifies and summarizes the project. “Starving” defines the mainly gastronomic origin of the project, being a spin-off of Bros'.
“Future” makes us appreciate the long-term orientation of individual projects and the ultimate goal, namely the definition of possible scenarios in the field of gastronomy, arts and communication.


The photos are a narration of some of the projects completed by Metaprogetto, which range from the Bros' clothing collection to the 3Ds for the moulds to be used in the restaurant, or to the cultural contents to be included in the videos.
My main responsibility within the project is precisely to contribute all aspects of ethnographic and cultural research and the definition of experiential, communication, product and service concepts.

In 2020, based on a project by Floriano Pellegrino, Metaprogetto became Metaland, the first entirely digital gastronomy and entrepreneurial event.
The first year of the event the guests were:
Valentina Nappi
Ben Reade
Roberto Restelli
Fabrizio Fiorani
Michela Petronio
Giovanni Lagnese
Mauro Uliassi
Paolo Vizzari

The concept of the campaign was to make the event appear as something interstellar, distant from the world and suspended in time and space. Hence the idea of characterizing everything as if it were a NASA event.
From graphics to video and digital elements, everything was styled in that fashion.
Even the speakers themselves were introduced to the public as if they were planets of the solar system.

Find out more about the Metaprogetto and the Metaland projects here.


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